Video: Writing the Mixed Numbers Marked on the Number Line

What fractions are marked on the number line?


Video Transcript

What fractions are marked on the number line?

Remember that when we’re talking about fractions, we’re talking about a part to the whole. On this number line, all three of our points are falling between 12 and 13. Let’s start with the point furthest to the left.

To figure out the fractional piece, we’ll need to know how many lines fall between 12 and 13. The point we’re looking at is on the third line, out of a total of 10 lines. But because it falls between 12 and 13, it’s not just three-tenths. We would call this fraction 12 and three-tenths.

From there, we move on to our second point, which falls on the sixth line out of 10. Six-tenths works as a fraction, but it’s not reduced all the way. What we want to do here is divide the numerator and the denominator by two. This gives us three-fifths.

We reduce six-tenths to three-fifths and then we remember that it falls between 12 and 13. So we can’t leave out our whole number. The second point falls on 12 and three-fifths. Our final missing piece falls on the ninth mark.

That would be nine out of 10 spaces falling between the 12 and 13. The whole number piece would be 12 and nine-tenths, 12 and nine tenths. Our three fractions are then 12 and three-tenths, 12 and three-fifths, 12 and nine-tenths.

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