Video: KS1-M17 • Paper 2 • Question 11

What time does the clock show? Tick the correct box. [A] Twenty to 6 [B] Half past 9 [C] Half past 8 [D] Quarter to 6


Video Transcript

What time does the clock show? Tick the correct box. 20 to six, half past nine, half past eight, or quarter to six.

We need to read the time on the clock and find the correct way of saying that time in the boxes. This is a tricky question because it’s easy to make a mistake with all of the times in the boxes. For example, we can see that the longer hand on the clock is pointing to the number six. Does that mean that our time contains the number six in it? Perhaps it’s 20 to six or quarter to six. We can see that the smaller hand is in between the eight and the nine. Perhaps this means the time is half past eight or maybe half past nine.

The only way to find the answer is to understand what the hands on the clock mean and to use this to help us read the time. The long hand on the clock is the minute hand. We know that when a time is an O’clock time, the minute hand points to the number 12. And we can see that, to get to the number six, the minute hand needs to travel half of the way around the clock face, because the number six is half the way around. The time is half past something. But is it half past nine or half past eight?

To answer this part of the question, we need to look at where the hour hand is pointing. We know the hour hand is the shorter hand. It is gone past the number eight. So we know the time is past eight O’clock. But it hasn’t reached the number nine yet. It’s not nine O’clock yet. It’s halfway between eight and nine. So we can say the time is half past eight.

We know that the time must be half past something because the minute hand is pointing to the six. It’s travelled half the way around the clock. And we know that it must be half past eight because the hour hand is halfway between the eight and the nine. It has gone past the eight. The clock shows the time half past eight.

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