Video: Determining the Place Value of a Digit in a Number

What is the place value of the digit 2 in 61025?


Video Transcript

What is the place value of the digit two in 61025?

We’re given a five-digit number. And as we read the question aloud, we read it as a number. But, let’s just read it as a string of digits. Six, one, zero, two, five. Now, we know each of these digits is in a certain place in the number. And if we were to shuffle the digits around, they’d have a different value. Because where a digit is in the number, its place, gives it its value. We’re asked to give the place value of the digit two in this number.

Let’s remind ourselves of what each place in a five-digit number’s worth. We’ll start with the place with the smallest value. The digit with the smallest value is the five on the right. This is worth five ones. The second column along is our tens column. And here, we have the digit that we’re thinking about. The digit two is worth two 10s. And two 10s are worth 20. That’s why when we read the number, we said 61025. The two is worth two 10s. We’ve answered the question with the second digit we looked at.

It’s a fairly short number, and we’ve only got three more digits. So, we might as well look at the other digits and just remind ourselves what they’re worth. Our third digit along is a zero, and that’s in the hundreds place. So, we have zero hundreds in the number. Next, we have the thousands place. So, the digit one has a value of 1000. And then finally, our ten thousands place. The digit six has a value of six lots of 10000 or 60000. And so in the number 61025, the digit two has a value of 20. It’s in the second column along from the right, and this makes the two worth two 10s.

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