Question Video: Comparing Two Large Numbers in Written and Numerical Form Mathematics

Is 5365917141 <, = or > two billion?


Video Transcript

Is 5365917141 less than equal to or greater than two billion?

To solve this problem, why don’t we take our value written in words two billion and represent it with numerals? Two billion starts with a two. It has zero millions, zero thousands, zero hundreds, zero tens, and zero ones. Two billion is the number two with nine zeros behind it.

Now that both of our values are written with numerals, we can compare their largest place value. The number on the left has a five in the billions place. The number on the right has a two in the billions place. Which would be more, five billion or two billion? Five billion is greater than two billion. And that tells us that 5365917141 is greater than two billion.

We complete this comparison by using the greater than symbol.

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