Video: Comparing Two Multidigit Numbers

Is 73270 <, =, or > 53576?


Video Transcript

Is 73270 less than, equal to, or greater than 53576?

Our first value, 73270, and our second value, 53576. We want to line up these values so that the decimal points are lined up. Here they don’t have any parts that are less than zero, so the decimal point falls at the end of the number.

If we line them up, they both are five-digit numbers. To compare these numbers, we’ll need to compare what’s in the ten thousands place. In the ten thousands place, our first value has a seven and our second value has a five.

Because seven is greater than five, we know that 73270 will be greater than 53576. The answer here must be greater than; 73270 is greater than 53576.

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