Video: Interpreting Division of Whole Numbers by Counting and Grouping

How many groups of 3 apples are there?


Video Transcript

How many groups of three apples are there?

In this question, we’re shown an amount of apples and we need to split it up or divide it into equal groups. And we know that it needs to be split up into equal groups because we need to find out how many groups of three apples are there. All of the groups we make need to have three apples in them.

Now, if we look at the way that the apples have been arranged, we can’t see any rows of three, can we? There aren’t really any groups of three that jump out at us, which makes it quick to answer the question. So how are we going to count our groups of three then? What if we circle them?

We can see one, two, three, four. Can you see what we’re doing here? We’re circling three apples every time. We’re making equal groups. Five, six, seven, eight. We’ve divided this amount of apples into equal groups with three apples in each group. There are eight groups altogether.

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