Question Video: Using Models to Find the Missing Number in a Subtraction Sentence Mathematics • 1st Grade

Complete the subtraction sentence: 6 − _ = 0.


Video Transcript

Complete the subtraction sentence. Six take away what equals zero.

As part of this question, we’re given a subtraction number sentence. But it’s got a missing number in it. Six take away what equal zero. To help us understand what the question is asking, we’ve also got a picture. And if we count them, we can see that the picture shows six sweets. But each of the sweets has been crossed through; it’s been taken away. And there aren’t any sweets left. Let’s try modeling this using cubes. Here’s a line of six cubes to begin with. Now, how many do we need to subtract so that we’re left with zero or none?

We’ll take away one, two, three, four, five, six. We’ve taken away all of them. Six take away six equals zero. If we start with a number, we take away something, and we’re left with nothing, the number that we’ve taken away must be all of the number we started with. So in this number sentence, the missing number is six. Six subtract six leaves us with zero.

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