Video: Subtracting Two Multidigit Numbers

Complete the following: 87652 − 1550.


Video Transcript

Complete the following: 87652 minus 1550.

To do this, let’s take each of these numbers and line them up vertically. Then we can start subtraction.

Starting all the way on the right, we’ll subtract the units place. Two minus zero is two. From there, we’ll subtract the 10s place. We have five minus five is zero.

Then we have the 100s place, six minus five is one. Moving on to the 1000s, seven minus one equals six. And our 10000 place, we have eight minus, and there is nothing there, so we’re saying eight minus zero.

Eight minus zero would be equal to eight. This tells us that 87652 minus 1550 is equal to 86102.

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