Question Video: Sorting 2D and 3D Shapes Mathematics • Kindergarten

Which box does this cylinder go in?


Video Transcript

Which box does this cylinder go in?

Let’s look at the two boxes that we’ve been given. The first box is a group of two-dimensional shapes, by which I mean flat shapes. There’s a rectangle, a circle, and a six-sided shape, a hexagon.

Now let’s look at the second box. All of the shapes in this box are three-dimensional. Their shapes would actually have some depth to them if you were to pick them up rather than just being flat pieces of paper. Firstly, there’s a rectangular prism or cuboid, which looks like it could also be a cube if all of its lengths are the same size. There’s also a cone and a sphere.

Now let’s consider which box this cylinder goes in. A cylinder is a three-dimensional shape. It has some depth to it. You could probably find lots of cylinders if you look around your house, like, for example, food tins. The cylinder, therefore, belongs in the box with the other three-dimensional shapes.

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