Question Video: Using Place Value to Write Numbers in Words Mathematics

Write 9,275 in words.


Video Transcript

Write this number in words.

Normally, when we’re going through these questions, we read out the question exactly as it’s written so that we understand what it’s asking us. But did you notice? As this question was read aloud, we didn’t read the number. We just said write this number in words. This is because if we’d have read the number aloud, we’d have given the answer before we started. This question is all about writing a number in words. So, let’s spend some time having a look at this number and thinking about how we can say and write it in words.

Firstly, we can see that our number has four digits. And so we know it has a number of thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones. And to help us write this number in words, we need to think about what each digit is worth, where it belongs in the number. The nine digit is in the thousands place; that’s worth 9000. The digit two is in the hundreds place, so that’s worth 200. The digit seven comes next; that’s in the tens place. And seven 10s are worth 70. And then the digit five is in the ones place. Our number is 9275.

Can you see where each part of our number comes from? In this question, we were given a four-digit number made out of the digits nine two seven five. We’ve used our knowledge of place value to help write the number in words. We can write this number as nine thousand two hundred seventy-five.

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