Video: Dividing One Decimal Number by Another

Calculate 0.772 ÷ 0.4.


Video Transcript

Calculate 0.772 divided by 0.4.

Any division calculation can be written as a fraction where the first number is the numerator and the second number is the denominator. It is much easier to divide by whole numbers than it is to divide by decimals. So, we need to make the bottom number a whole number. Multiplying 0.4 by 10 gives us four, as multiplying by 10 moves all the digits one place to the left.

If we multiply the denominator by 10, we have to multiply the numerator by 10. Whatever you do to the bottom, you must do to the top. 0.772 multiplied by 10 is equal to 7.72. Once again, all the digits move one place to the left. The calculation 0.772 divided by 0.4 is the same as 7.72 divided by four. We can work this out using the bus stop method.

Seven divided by four is equal to one remainder three. We need to keep the decimal point in the same place and carry the three. 37 divided by four is equal to nine remainder one, as nine multiplied by four is 36. Finally, 12 divided by four is equal to three. 7.72 divided by four gives us an answer of 1.93. This means that the answer to the calculation 0.772 divided by 0.4 is also 1.93.

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