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Question Video: Evaluating Algebraic Expressions Mathematics • 6th Grade

Evaluate 14 + 𝑦² if 𝑦 = 6.


Video Transcript

Evaluate 14 plus 𝑦 squared if 𝑦 equals six.

In this question, we are asked to evaluate an expression involving a variable 𝑦 by using the fact that 𝑦 is equal to six. We can do this by substituting the value of 𝑦 equals six into the expression to get 14 plus six squared and then evaluating. We can then recall that a superscript of two means that we want to square that number. So, six squared is six times six, which is 36. Therefore, this expression simplifies to give 14 plus 36. We can then calculate that 14 plus 36 is equal to 50.

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