Video: KS2-M18 • Paper 2 • Question 7

Tick the two numbers that are equivalent to 1/4. [A] 0.25 [B] 0.75 [C] 25/100 [D] 0.5 [E] 2/5


Video Transcript

Tick the two numbers that are equivalent to one-quarter: 0.25, 0.75, twenty-five hundredths, 0.5, or two-fifths.

Let’s start with the first number, 0.25. The model shows one square divided into 100 smaller squares. Each square represents one hundredth. 25 out of 100 squares have been shaded. And we’ve recalled this or write this as 0.25.

Twenty-five hundredths is 0.25. We know that four times 25 equals 100. So four times 0.25 equals one. So one divided into four equal parts or quarters equals 0.25. We know that 0.25 is equivalent to a quarter. So 0.75 must be equivalent to three-quarters because it’s three times bigger than 0.25. So we don’t need to tick this number.

We already know that we write twenty-five hundredths as 0.25. 100 divided by four is 25. That means there are four 25s in 100. So twenty-five hundredths is equal to one-quarter. 0.5 is equal to one-half. Two-fifths is not equal to one-quarter. These two models show two-fifths and one-quarters. And we can clearly see that they are not equal. The two numbers that are equivalent to one-quarter are 0.25 and twenty-five hundredths.

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