Question Video: Using Place Value to Write Numbers in Digits Mathematics • 5th Grade

Which of the following expresses nine million in digits?


Video Transcript

Which of the following expresses nine million in digits?

In order to write nine million in digits, we need to think about place value. All the way on the right, we have our units. Moving to the left, we have our tens place and then our hundreds place.

Our next three values will all be thousands: the unit thousand, ten thousand, and hundred thousand. The next set of digits are all millions: the unit millions, ten millions, and finally hundred millions.

We are given nine million. We know that that nine is going to fall somewhere in the millions place. This nine is the units. It’s the number of millions. We can write the digit nine in the units place for millions. But from there, we have all these empty spaces. What shall we do here?

We need to put zeros as placeholders because we have zero hundred thousands, zero ten thousands, zero thousands, zero hundreds, zero tens, and zero units. But we still need them to hold the place. Nine million in digits looks like this, a nine with six zeros behind it.

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