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Question Video: Identifying the Greatest Weight after Converting between Kilograms and Grams Mathematics

Use <, =, or > to complete the following: 13 kg _ 9000 g.


Video Transcript

Use less than, equal to, or greater than to complete the following: 13 kilograms compared to 9000 grams.

This question is asking us to compare 13 kilograms to 9000 grams. The problem is, one of our weights is given in kilograms, and the other is given in grams. To compare weights accurately, we need to put them in the same units. We can do that by converting kilograms, 13 kilograms into grams or by converting 9000 grams into kilograms.

Let’s convert 13 kilograms into grams. We know that one kilogram equals 1000 grams. 13 kilograms is 13 times that amount. That means if we multiply 13 times 1000, we can figure out how many grams are in 13 kilograms. 13 times 1000 is 13000; 13 kilograms equals 13000 grams.

Now we can compare 13000 grams to 9000 grams to see which is bigger. 13000 is bigger than 9000. This means that 13 kilograms is larger, is greater than 9000 grams.

Our final answer on this comparison is: greater than.

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