Video: Finding All Ways to Subtract from 4

Find the missing equation.


Video Transcript

Find the missing equation. Four subtract one equals three. What? Four subtract three equals one. And we have five possible answers. Four subtract three equals two. Four subtract two equals one. Four subtract three equals one. Four subtract two equals two. Or four subtract one equals three.

In this question, we’re given some ten frames. And next to each of the ten frames is an equation or a number sentence. Well, next, in nearly all of the ten frames, the middle ten frame has a missing equation. And we’re asked to find the missing equation or number sentence. So let’s have a look at our ten frames. What do they show us?

In the first ten frame, we can see four green counters. So we’re starting with four. But one of the counters has been crossed out. We’ve taken it away. What are we left with if we have four and we take away one? We’re left with one, two, three. And we know this is true, don’t we? Because one and three are a pair that go together to make four. Four take away one equals three.

If we look at our last ten frame, we can see that we’ve started with four green counters again. But this time, we’ve taken away three of them. How many are left? Or, in other words, what number goes together with three to make four? We know that three and one make four. And that’s why we can say four take away three leaves us with one. So what’s our missing equation?

Again, we’ve started with four green counters. But the diagram shows that we need to take away two. The subtraction we’re looking for is four take away two. Now, if we look at our possible answers, we can see this is written twice. Four take away two equals one, and the four take away two equals two. Which is correct? What number goes with two to make four?

We know that two and another two make four. And so if we take away two from four, we’re going to be left with two. Our missing equation is four take away two equals two.

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