Question Video: Identifying the Unit Symbol for Amperes Science

Which of the following is the correct unit symbol for amperes? [A] I [B] C [C] a [D] A [E] i


Video Transcript

Which of the following is the correct unit symbol for amperes? (A) uppercase I, (B) uppercase C, (C) lowercase a, (D) uppercase A, or (E) lowercase i.

The ampere is the SI unit for electric current. This question is asking for the unit symbol for amperes. Amperes are a special type of base units because they are named after a person, André-Marie Ampère. Ampère was a physicist who did a lot of important work on electricity and magnetism.

Recall that the SI system of units has two rules regarding units named after people. The first rule is that units named after scientists are not written with a capital letter except when it appears at the beginning of a sentence, so the letter A is not capitalized when writing out the full word ampere.

The second rule is that symbols of the units named after scientists should be written with a capital letter, for example, a capital N for newton and a capital A for ampere.

When following the SI unit rules, the correct answer for this question is option (D). The unit symbol for amperes is a capital A.

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