Question Video: Getting the Prime Factorization of a Given Number in an Exponent Form Mathematics • 6th Grade

Write the prime factorization of 28 in exponent form.


Video Transcript

Write the prime factorization of 28 in exponent form.

We know that any number is prime if it has exactly two factors, one and itself. The only even prime number is two. The next five prime numbers are three, five, seven, 11, and 13.

One way of working out the prime factorization of a number is to use a factor tree. We begin with the number 28. As 28 is even, we know it is divisible by two or two is a factor. Two multiplied by 14 is 28. As two is a prime number, we circle this, and this part of the tree is finished.

14 is also an even number, so we can divide this again by two. Two multiplied by seven is equal to 14. As both of these are prime numbers, our factor tree is complete. 28 is equal to two multiplied by two multiplied by seven.

We were asked to give our answer in exponent form. Two multiplied by two is equal to two squared. The prime factorization of 28 in exponent form is two squared multiplied by seven.

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