Video: GCSE Mathematics Foundation Tier Pack 4 • Paper 1 • Question 1

GCSE Mathematics Foundation Tier Pack 4 • Paper 1 • Question 1


Video Transcript

Calculate six plus nine divided by three.

Whenever we see a number sentence, we should be thinking of BIDMAS or BODMAS. This is sometimes called the order of operations. And it’s a set of rules to ensure that no matter where in the country or even world this calculation is being performed, everyone who performs it gets the same answer.

The B stands for brackets. And this tells us that the very first thing we should do in any calculation is whatever is inside the brackets. If there’s another number sentence inside the brackets, in fact we then need to apply the order of operations again. There are no brackets in this question though. So we move on.

The I stands for indices. In BODMAS, the O stands for order or other. But no matter which we use, this just means we work out the value of any powers. Remember the power is the little superscript number. In this number, the power is two. And it’s telling us to multiply three by itself. There are no powers in this question. So let’s move on again.

The next two letters have equal importance. D stands for divide and M stands for multiply. We always do these next. When we have more than one of these in the question, we go from left to right. Here, we can see that we do four multiplied by seven first and then divide that by two to give us an answer of 14.

Our question does have a division. So we’re gonna first calculate nine divided by three. That’s three. So the question simplifies a little to six plus three. Remember to always write the question out in the same order below the one in the question.

The final two letters also have equal importance. The A stands for add and the S stands for subtract. And once again, when there’s more than one, we simply go from left to right. Here, we need to do six plus three and we get nine.

Six plus nine divided by three is nine.

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