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Question Video: Expressing a Given Fraction as a Percentage Mathematics • 6th Grade

Convert 14/10 to a percent.


Video Transcript

Here’s an example that says: Convert fourteen-tenths to a percent. Remember that our goal is to have a part over the whole with the denominator of one hundred. So we need to think of a way to get fourteen-tenths converted into a fraction of something over one hundred. When you copy down the problem, you might recognize that it’s very easy to get from ten to one hundred. If we multiply the denominator of ten by ten, we come up with one hundred. But if we’re going to work with fractions, we always have to keep them equivalent by multiplying the numerator and the denominator by the same thing. Here that will mean we’ll multiply fourteen by ten and ten by ten on the denominator. Once we’ve converted this into a fraction with a denominator of one hundred, we take the numerator and that’s our percent. One hundred and forty percent. One hundred and forty percent is the final answer.

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