Video: Subtracting Given Fractions with Like Denominators

Complete the following: 4/7 − 3/7 = _.


Video Transcript

Complete the following: four-sevenths minus three-sevenths equals blank.

These are considered like fractions because their denominators are alike. So when we say denominators, those are the numbers on the bottom of the fraction. And the numerators are the numbers on top of the fraction.

So how do we subtract or add like fractions? We add or subtract the numerators. So if it says to subtract them, we subtract. If it says to add them, we add. And then we keep the common denominator between the two fractions, or more, depending on how many fractions you’re adding or subtracting. So in this case, we’re subtracting. So if we subtract our numerators, four minus three is one, and then we keep our common denominator seven. So our final answer is one-seventh.

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