Video: Comparing Five-Digit Numbers That Are Spelled Out

Fill in the blank using >, <, or =: forty-five thousand six hundred fifty-eight _ forty-five thousand two hundred fifty-eight


Video Transcript

Fill in the blank using the symbol for greater than, less than, or equal to. Forty-five thousand six hundred fifty-eight what forty-five thousand two hundred fifty-eight.

In this question, we’re given two numbers to compare. Now, usually, when we compare numbers, we might look at each digit one by one, see what they’re worth. But in this particular question, our numbers have been written in words. How are we going to compare them? Well, one way to find the answer might be to draw a place value grid and to actually write each number in digits. Our first number is 45,658, and our second number is quite similar, 45,258. Because our numbers are so similar, as well as comparing them using the place value grid, we could actually compare the words together. Let’s do both at the same time.

When we compare two numbers together, we know that we always start by comparing the digit with the greatest value. And as these are two five-digit numbers, that digit is in the ten thousands place. Both numbers have a four in the ten thousands place. So, we need to go on and look at the thousands place. But they have the same digit here, too. And if we compare our numbers written in words, we can see this. Both numbers begin with forty-five thousand.

We’re going to need to compare the next digit along. That’s the hundreds digit. Our first number has a six in the hundreds place, but our second number has a two. And we can see this difference if we compare the numbers in words. Our first number is forty-five six hundred and something, but our second number is forty-five two hundred and something. It doesn’t matter about the rest of the number. We can compare these two numbers together, just using the hundreds digits. Six is greater than two. So, we know 45,658 is greater than 45,258. The correct symbol to use in between these two numbers to compare them is greater than.

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