Video: KS2-M19 • Paper 1 • Question 12

602 − _ = 594.


Video Transcript

602 take away what equals 594.

In this problem, the missing number is not after the equal sign. We know what the answer is. But we’ve got a missing number as part of the subtraction. We start with 602. We take away an unknown number. And we’re left with 594. If we think carefully about this, we can spot a number fact that can help us. 594 plus our missing number equals 602. How much do we need to add to 594 to get to 602?

Well, we know that, to get from 594 to 600, we need to add six. And so to get to 602, we need to add another two. That’s a total of eight we’ve added all together. Let’s work backwards and just check our answer is correct. 602 take away two takes us to 600. And then, to get from 600 to 594, we need to subtract six. We subtracted two and then six. That’s eight all together.

And so 602 take away eight equals 594.

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