Video: Identifying Equivalent Fractions Using a Visual Fraction Model

1/2 = _/6.


Video Transcript

One-half equals how many sixths?

We’re given these two picture representations of one-half and three-sixths; that can help us answer this question. On the left side, we see a circle that’s been divided into two parts, and one of the parts is shaded. So we say that that is one out of two or one-half.

On the right side, we have that same-sized circle divided into six pieces. We have the same amount of blue space here, but there is more than just one piece. On this side, three out of the six pieces are shaded.

What this picture shows us is that one-half is the same thing as three-sixths. We call these two fractions equivalent fractions because they represent the same value. We can say here one-half equals three-sixths.

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