Video: AQA GCSE Mathematics Foundation Tier Pack 2 • Paper 3 • Question 3

Circle the lowest of these bank balances. [A] £0.10 [B] −£3.00 [C] £0.00 [D] −£0.55


Video Transcript

Circle the lowest of these bank balances. 0.10 pounds, negative three pounds, 0.00 pounds, or negative 0.55 pounds.

Well, to help us solve this problem, what I’ve done is I’ve put our values on a number line. So we’ve got negative three pounds, negative 0.55 pounds, or negative 55 pence. We’ve got zero pounds. And we’ve got 0.10 pounds or 10 pence. Well, we’re looking for the lowest value. Well, the lowest value is the value that’s the furthest to the left on our number line. So therefore, it’s gonna be negative three pounds. So therefore, the lowest of the bank balances is negative three pounds.

We could’ve also seen this because if we’re looking at negative numbers, the greater the negative number, the lower the value it is. So therefore, negative three pounds is a bigger number, so a bigger negative than negative 0.55. So therefore, it is less. So it’s gonna be a lower balance.

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