Video: KS1-M16 • Paper 2 • Question 15

Sita has these coins in her purse. How much money does she have?


Video Transcript

Sita has these coins in her purse. How much money does she have?

Let’s look at the different coins that Sita has. We can tell how much each coin is worth because it has a number on it. And it also says the amount in words. We’re asked to calculate how much money Sita has. So as we look at each coin, let’s put them in order from smallest to largest to help us add them together.

The coin with the largest value is also the largest coin. It’s this one with seven sides. We can see that it says 50 pence and the number 50 on it. It’s worth 50p. The next largest coin after the 50p coin is the 20p coin. We can see this coin has the number 20 written on it and the words 20 pence.

Which coin comes next? We can see that there are two 10-pence coins. Each of these has a value of 10p. The last two coins that Sita has are the one that’s worth two pence and the one-penny coin that has a value of one pence.

To find the value of all the coins that Sita has, we now need to add them together. By putting them in order, it makes it easier. We can start with the largest number and then count on. Firstly, let’s think about how many tens we have. 50 is equal to five tens. 20 is the same as two tens. And then we have two lots of one ten. We know that five plus two equals seven. And so if we add another one and another one, we get nine. If we know five plus two plus one plus one equals nine, then five tens plus two tens plus one ten plus one ten equals nine tens, or 90. 50p plus 20p plus two lots of 10p equals 90 pence.

Now all we need to do is to add the two pence and the one pence. We can think of these as being worth ones. Two plus one equals three. The 50p, the 20p, and the two 10ps came to 90 pence. And the other two coins that Sita had, the two-pence and the one-pence coins, came to 3p. 90p plus 3p equals a total of 93p.

We found the answer by thinking carefully about what each coin was worth. We looked at the numbers and the words on each coin to find that out, although you probably do recognise a lot of these coins from when you use them in shops. Then we put them in order to help us add them together quickly. We added all the coins that were a number of tens first and then the two remaining coins. The amount of money that Sita has in her purse is 93p.

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