Video: Finding the Intersection of Given Sets Using Venn Diagrams

Find 𝐴 ∩ 𝐢 using the Venn diagram.


Video Transcript

Find 𝐴 intersection 𝐢 using the Venn diagram.

First, we need to know this little upside-down ⋃. This symbol β€” the intersection symbol β€” tells us that we’re looking for values found in both 𝐴 and 𝐢. The space here between 𝐴 and 𝐡 with the numbers 11 and six is the intersection of 𝐴 and 𝐡. The numbers 11 and six are found in set 𝐴 and in set 𝐡. The numbers 10 and eight are the intersection of 𝐡 and 𝐢. 10 and eight are found both in set 𝐡 and in set 𝐢. And we’re trying to determine are there any values that are found in set 𝐴 and in set 𝐢.

Let’s list out the values of set 𝐴. Set 𝐴 is four, five, six, nine, 11. We can do the same thing for set 𝐢 β€” set 𝐢: zero, two, seven, eight, and 10. Now, is there any number that’s found in both 𝐴 and 𝐢? 𝐴 and 𝐢 don’t share any values. When two sets do not share any values, their intersection is called the empty set. We also might call this the null set.

The intersection of set 𝐴 and set 𝐢 is the empty set.

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