Video: Finding 2D Shapes with a Given Number of Corners

Which shape has 4 corners?


Video Transcript

Which shape has four corners?

Before we answer that question, we need to think about what the word “corners” means. A corner is the place where two lines meet. Let’s look at an example of a corner.

In this hexagon, two lines are meeting and forming a corner. Here is one corner. If we look at all the places two lines connect in a hexagon, we’ll know how many corners a hexagon has. We already found our first corner. Here’s a second corner, a third corner, a fourth corner, and a fifth and sixth corner. Our hexagon has six corners.

Let’s follow the same procedure to find out how many corners the rectangle and the pentagon have. If a corner is a place where two lines meet, here is the first corner of a rectangle, the second corner, corner number three, and corner number four. A rectangle has four corners.

Let’s take a look at the pentagon: one, two, three, four, and five. The pentagon has five corners. Our question is asking which shape has four corners. Only one of these three shapes has four corners. And that is the rectangle. The four sides of this rectangle meet to form four corners.

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