Question Video: Writing Algebraic Expressions Mathematics

Write an expression for 12 more than the product of a number and 4.


Video Transcript

Write an expression for twelve more than the product of a number and four.

This question really isn’t difficult, but it does require us to read very closely what the question says.

Write an expression for what follows that phrase. Everything after this is going to be part of our expression.

First phrase, twelve more than, we can translate that into twelve plus something that follows. Next phrase, the product of, this means that we’re going to be adding twelve to the product of two things.

Our last phrase is a number and four, the product of a number and four. Since we don’t know what a number is, we’ll use a variable. 𝑥 in this case represents some number that we don’t know.

The product of some number and four can be seen here; we’ve translated that into 𝑥 times four. This is looking pretty good and it is an expression to represent that phrase. But let’s try to clean it up a little and get rid of some extra things we don’t need.

Since we’re working with a variable, we don’t need that multiplication symbol. And because the only thing inside the parentheses is four 𝑥, we don’t need the parentheses either. So here’s our simplified expression twelve more than the product of a number and four: twelve plus four 𝑥.

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