Video: Identifying Right Triangles

Which of the following describes the given shape? [A] obtuse triangle [B] acute triangle [C] right triangle [D] isosceles triangle [E] equilateral triangle


Video Transcript

Which of the following describes the given shape? Obtuse triangle, acute triangle, right triangle, isosceles triangle, or equilateral triangle.

All of our options are different types of triangles. We need to look at what we know to be true based on the information provided. We can recognize that this figure is three-sided and therefore a triangle.

Now, we need to hone in on what this little blue symbol means. What does that tell us about our triangle? This blue symbol tells us the measure of this angle is 90 degrees. That means that inside this triangle is a right angle. And triangles that have a right angle inside of them are called a right triangle.

The best description for this shape is a right triangle.

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