Video: AQA GCSE Mathematics Higher Tier Pack 4 β€’ Paper 1 β€’ Question 1

Expand 𝑦(𝑦 + 4). Circle your answer. [A] 2𝑦 + 4 [B] 𝑦² + 4 [C] 𝑦² + 4𝑦 [D] 4𝑦²


Video Transcript

Expand 𝑦 times 𝑦 plus four. Circle your answer.

When we look at this expression, 𝑦 and then brackets around 𝑦 plus four, there’s an operation happening between the 𝑦 and the brackets. 𝑦 is being multiplied by 𝑦 plus four. In order to expand this expression, we need to multiply 𝑦 by both terms inside the brackets.

First, we would say 𝑦 times 𝑦 plus 𝑦 times four. 𝑦 times itself equals 𝑦 squared, and four times 𝑦 we rewrite as four 𝑦. The expanded form is 𝑦 squared plus four 𝑦.

We can also plug this expression into a grid: 𝑦 times 𝑦 plus four. 𝑦 times 𝑦 equals 𝑦 squared, and 𝑦 times four equals four 𝑦. And the grid method yields the same result, 𝑦 squared plus four 𝑦.

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