Video: KS2-M19 • Paper 3 • Question 1

The original price of this car is £8999. What is the sale price of the car?


Video Transcript

The original price of this car is 8999 pounds. And we can see there’s a poster behind the car that says sale 1100 pounds off. What is the sale price of the car?

We can see this problem is all about a car that’s being sold. And we need to think about two prices. The original price is the price of the car before there was a sale on. And we’re given this price. It was 8999 pounds. If we sketch a bar model, we can use this bar to represent the original price.

But there’s another price that we need to think about. And that’s the sale price, the price of the car after some money has been taken off. Now at the moment, we don’t know what the sale price it is.

A mistake that some people might make is to look at the sign and think that the car is now worth 1100 pounds. But look carefully at the sign. There’s a three-letter word that shows us that this is not the case. The car has 1100 pounds off. In other words, 1100 pounds is the amount of money we need to take away from 8999 pounds to find the sale price.

So the calculation we need to work out to find the answer is 8999 take away 1100. Because we’re taking away 1100, we will expect the number of thousands to decrease by one and the number of one hundreds to decrease by one. The car now costs seven thousand and something. And instead of 7999, we have one less hundred, 7899.

So to find the answer, we recognized that we needed to use the price on the sign to help us. We knew the original price or the starting price of the car was 8999 pounds. And the sign showed us that 1100 pounds had been taken off the original price to give a sale price. So to find the answer, we knew that we had to take away 1100 from 8999. This meant that the thousands digit and the hundreds digit decreased by one. The new price or the sale price of the car is 7899 pounds.

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