Video: Adding Four-Digit Numbers Using Column Addition

Find the result of the following: 4376 + 5213


Video Transcript

Find the result of the following: 4,376 plus 5,213.

In this question, we have to add together our two four-digit numbers. And we have to use the standard written method or column addition. Let’s start by adding the ones. Six plus three gives us nine ones. Seven 10s plus one 10 gives us a total of eight 10s. We’ve got three 100s, and we need to add two. And we know that three plus two is five, so we’ve got five 100s. Finally, we need to add the thousands. We know that four plus five is nine, so we’ve got a total of nine 1,000s.

4,376 plus 5,213 is 9,589. We found the result using the standard written method. First we add the ones, then the tens, then the hundreds, and finally the thousands.

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