Video: Multiplying a Three-Digit Number by a One-Digit Number

Calculate 211 × 3.


Video Transcript

Calculate 211 times three.

I could set up the problem like this, 211 times three, but we can also use the distributive property. The distributive property lets me say 211 times three equals 300 times 200 plus 10 plus one. I’ve taken the 211 and I’ve broken it into three parts: 200 plus 10 plus one.

Now I’m going to take this three and distribute it for all three parts. It will look like this: three times 200 plus three times 10 plus three times one. Three times 200 equals 600; three times 10 equals 30; three times one is three; 600 plus 30 plus three equals 633.

If we use the method on the left, we would multiply three times one, which would be three; we would multiply three times one again, three, three times two, which is six. Each of these methods show that 211 times three equals 633.

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