Video: Verifying Whether an Element Belongs to a Set Using Venn Diagrams

Use ∈ or βˆ‰ to fill in the gap: The Venn diagram shows 6 οΌΏ π‘Œ.


Video Transcript

Use ∈ or βˆ‰ to fill in the gap. The Venn diagram shows six blank π‘Œ.

So here we have our symbols. So, the first one means β€œin.” And the second one means β€œnot in.” So we want to know is six ∈ π‘Œ or six βˆ‰ π‘Œ.

So looking at our Venn diagram, we need to find the number six. And it’s here. And it’s in the set 𝑍. But 𝑍 is actually a subset, so a set inside of 𝑋. And we wanted to know if six was in the set π‘Œ. However, six is not inside of that blue circle. Therefore, six is not in π‘Œ. Therefore, we would use this symbol.

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