Video: Finding the Unknown Subtrahend in Subtraction Sentences with Numbers up to 20

Fill in the blank: 17 − _ = 14.


Video Transcript

Fill in the blank, 17 take away what equals 14?

Here, we have two ten frames. The first contains 10 counters, and the second contains seven. 10 and seven is 17. We have to work out what we need to take away from 17 to leave us with 14. Let’s take away counters until we have 14 counters.

If we take away one counter, we’ll be left with 16. If we take away another counter, or two counters, we will have 15. And if we take away one more, which means we’ve taken away three counters, then we will have 14 counters altogether. We had 17 counters. We took away three. And we were left with 14. The missing number is three. 17 take away three equals 14.

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