Video: Telling Time to the Nearest 5 Minutes on Analog Clocks

What time is it? Find the missing numbers. It is _ minutes to _.


Video Transcript

What time is it? Find the missing numbers. It is what minutes to what.

In this question, we’re shown an analog clock. We have to read the clock to work out what time it is and then find the missing numbers. First, we’ll need to look at the minute hand to work out how many minutes it is until the next o’clock. Then we’ll need to read the hour hand. The minute hand is pointing to number eight on the clock face. How many minutes does the minute hand have to turn until it reaches the next hour or o’clock?

Well, we know that when the minute hand is pointing to number 12, that means it’s something o’clock. So we have to count how many minutes there are from number eight until number 12 on the clock face. And we know that each of these divisions is worth five minutes. So we could start at number eight and count in fives until we reach number 12 on the clock. Five, 10, 15, 20. So we know that it’s 20 minutes until the next hour. Let’s have a look at the hour hand now. The hour hand is pointing between the numbers five and six, so we know that it’s after 5 o’clock, but it’s not quite 6 o’clock. So the time on the clock is 20 minutes to 6. The missing numbers are 20 and 6. It is 20 minutes to 6.

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