Video: KS1-M19 • Paper 1 • Question 5

80 − 10 = _.


Video Transcript

80 take away 10 equals what?

In this question, we start with 80. And we need to find 10 less than this. 80 take away 10. 80 is made up of eight tens and 10 is the same as one lot of ten. Eight take away one equals seven. So we know eight tens take away one ten leaves us with seven tens and seven tens are the same as 70. We know that 80 is the same as eight tens. 10, 20, 30, four tens make 40, 50, six tens are 60, seven tens are 70, and eight tens are 80.

So we start with eight tens. And so, if we take away one ten, we’re left with seven tens, which is the same as 70. 80 take away 10 equals 70.

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