Video: Skip Counting by Five on a Number Line

Start at 67. Skip count by 5s. What number is the arrow pointing at?


Video Transcript

Start at 67. Skip count by fives. What number is the arrow pointing at?

We’re given a number line which starts at number 67. We’re told that we have to skip count by fives. And the number line shows us that the numbers are increasing by five each time. We add five to each number to get the next number on the number line. And we know that 67 plus five is 72. We’re not given anymore of the numbers on the number line, so we have to continue skip counting by fives until we reach the missing number.

The missing number is shown with a question mark. What is 72 plus five? We know that five and two is seven. So, 72 plus five is 77. Can you spot a pattern in the units digit? Seven, two, seven, what will come next? The units digit should be a two. So, 77 plus five is 82. And 82 plus five is 87. Seven, two, seven, two, seven. Our missing number should end in a two. Five more than 87 is 92. We started at 67. We skip counted by fives. The number the arrow is pointing at is number 92. 67, 72, 77, 82, 87, 92.

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