Video: Converting Percentages to Decimals

Convert 32.89% into a decimal.


Video Transcript

Convert 32.89 percent into a decimal.

We know that the word “percent” means out of 100. This means that any percentage can be written as a fraction by writing it over 100. As the line in a fraction means divide, we need to divide 32.89 by 100. Dividing by 100 moves all of our digits two places to the right. So this is equal to 0.3289. 32.89 percent written as a decimal is 0.3289.

This leads us to a general rule that helps us convert from a percentage to a decimal or vice versa. To convert from a percentage to a decimal as in this question, we divide by 100. As multiplication is the inverse or opposite of division, to convert from a decimal to a percentage, we multiply by 100.

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