Video: KS1-M19 • Paper 2 • Question 32

Ben had 90p. He bought 2 tickets. Each ticket cost 35p. How much money does Ben have left?


Video Transcript

Ben had 90 pence. He bought two tickets. Each ticket cost 35 pence. How much money does Ben have left?

First, we need to work out how much Ben’s two tickets cost. We need to calculate two times 35 pence or two lots of 35. Two times five is 10 and two times 30 is 60. So 60 and 10 makes 70, which means two times 35 is 70 pence.

We know that Ben had 90 pence and he spent 70 pence on two tickets. To work out how much money he has left, we have to take away 70 pence from his 90 pence. 10 more than 70 is 80 and 10 more than 80 is 90. Two jumps of 10 equals 20. The difference between 70 pence and 90 pence is 20 pence.

Ben has 20 pence left.

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