Video: Identifying the Decimal Number Included between Two Decimals

Which of the following numbers lies between 6.69 and 7.29? [A] 7.7 [B] 6.619 [C] 7.4 [D] 7.09.


Video Transcript

Which of the following numbers lies between 6.69 and 7.29? a) 7.7, b) 6.619, c) 7.4, or d) 7.09.

We can sketch a number line and try to place each of the options where they would fall on a number line. Starting with 7.7, we know that it falls after seven because it’s more than seven. In fact, 7.7 is closer to eight than it is to seven.

Remember that we’re trying to see which falls between 6.69 and 7.29. 7.7 falls outside that range. Moving on to b 6.619, 6.619 falls very close to 6.69 on a number line. But when you line them up, you will see that 6.069 has a larger digit in the hundredth place. That makes it slightly larger. And that means that 6.619 would fall outside of the range we’re looking at.

Next step, 7.4. Four tenths is larger than 29 hundredths. It falls outside the range, leaving us only with 7.09. 7.09 would fall very close to the number seven on the number line and falls within the range we’re looking at. Out of the four numbers listed, only 7.09 fell between 6.69 and 7.29.

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