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Question Video: Dividing a Multidigit Number by a Two-Digit Number

Complete the table.


Video Transcript

Complete the table.

We’ve been given a dividend and a divisor. And the table needs us to find the quotient and remainder. Remember that when we’re working with division, the dividend goes inside the box and the divisor goes on the outside. The quotient will be what we find for the top value and the remainder will be what is left over at the end.

So let’s try it ourselves: 9295 divided by 56. First, we’ll ask “how many times does 56 go into 92?” One time. One times 56 equals 56. From there, we do subtraction 92 minus 56. We can’t subtract six from two. So we need to borrow from our nine, leaving us with eight in that position and bring over a one.

Now, we say 12 minus six equals six and eight minus five equals three. And the next step we bring down our nine. And then, we ask the question “how many times does 56 go into 369?” I know that six times 50 is 300. So let’s see what six times 56 is equal to. We’ll put a six at the top. From there, we need to multiply six times 56. I know that six times six is 36. So I’ll write down the six and carry my three. And then, I multiply six times five which equals 30 and add three. So now, we have 33.

Our next step is to do another round of subtraction: nine minus six equals three, six minus three equals three, and three minus three equals zero. Bring down the remaining five. I want to pause and notice something interesting here. We just found that six times 56 equals 336. But now, we have only 335. So we know that 56 will not go into 335 six times. It will only go five times.

This time we’ll multiply five times 56. Five times six equals 30. Write down the zero, carry the three. Five times five is 25 plus the three we’ve already carried is 26, 27, 28. You write down our 28.

Our next step is subtraction. We’ll subtract 280 from 335. And since we don’t have any room at the bottom of our screen, I’ll just move it to the left. Five minus zero is five. We can’t take eight from three. So we borrow from our hundreds place. The three becomes a two. We carry over a one. Now, we say 13 minus eight equals five. Two minus two equals zero.

After we subtracted, we found 55 left over. We need to ask the question “can 56 be divided into 55?” And the answer to that is no because 56 is larger than 55. And so we call 55 the remainder and 165 is our quotient.

When you divide 9295 by 56, you have a quotient of 165 with the remainder of 55.

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