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Question Video: Subtracting Decimal Numbers Mathematics

Calculate 10.651 − 0.204.


Video Transcript

Calculate 10.651 minus 0.204.

To do this kind of subtraction, we line up the two values vertically so that their decimal points are aligned. What this does for us is make sure all the place values are lined up correctly, the units place with the units place, the tenths place with the tenths place, and so on. And then we start all the way to the right in the thousandths place, where we need to take four from one, which isn’t possible.

Since we can’t subtract four from one, we need to borrow from the next unit to the left, the hundredths place. Here we have five hundredths. And if we take one away, we will have four hundredths. And then instead of having one thousandth, we will have 11 thousandths. We are able to subtract four thousandths from 11 thousandths. 11 minus four equals seven.

From there, we can move to the next place to the left, the hundredths place, where we have four minus zero, which is four. Moving to the left, to the tenths place, we have six minus two, which is also four. At this point, we bring down the decimal point, before moving to the ones place, where we have zero minus zero, which is zero. And our final place, the tens place, it’s one. And there’s nothing to subtract from it. So we bring it down, which gives a final answer of ten and four hundred forty-seven thousandths, 10.447.

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