Video: AQA GCSE Mathematics Foundation Tier Pack 3 • Paper 1 • Question 7

Write these numbers in order of size, starting with the largest. [A] 5.4 [B] 5.04 [C] 5.44 [D] 5.404


Video Transcript

Write these numbers in order of size, starting with the largest: 5.4, 5.04, 5.44, and 5.404.

In order to compare the size of any numbers, it is easiest to line them up underneath each other. When doing so, it is important that we line up each place value in the correct place. 5.4 has five units and four tenths. 5.04 has five units, zero tenths, and four hundredths. 5.44 also has five units, has four tenths, and four hundredths. Finally, 5.404 has five units, four tenths, zero hundredths, and four thousandths.

It is useful here to add in extra zeros after the decimal points so that all four numbers line up. We notice that all four numbers have a five in the units column. This means that this column won’t impact the order of size. All four numbers now have digits in the tenths, hundreds, and thousandths column. They have three digits after the decimal point.

If we just look at these three digits, the top number says 400, the second number says 40, the third number 440, and the fourth number 404. The largest of these is 440. This means that the largest of the four numbers is 5.44. The next largest is 404, the bottom number. Therefore, the second largest number is 5.404. The third largest of our three-digit numbers is 400, the top number. This means that the next biggest number is 5.4. Finally, we have the three-digit number 40, zero four zero. This means that the smallest number is 5.04.

The four numbers written in order of size, starting with the largest, are 5.44, 5.404, 5.4, and then 5.04.

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