Video: Verifying Whether a Given Inequality Is True or False for a Given Value

Is the inequality 15 × 𝑦 ≤ 93 ÷ 3 true or false if 𝑦 = 2?


Video Transcript

Is the inequality 15 times 𝑦 is less than or equal to 93 divided by three true or false, if 𝑦 equals two.

So this means we need to take our inequality and substitute two in for 𝑦. So we will take 𝑦 and replace it with two. So now, let’s simplify each side of the inequality and determine if it’s true or false.

On the left-hand side, 15 times two is 30. Now, on the right-hand side, 93 divided by three is 31. So is 30 less than or equal to 31? Yes, it is: 30 is less than 31.

So this would be true.

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