Video: KS1-M16S • Paper 2 • Question 7



Video Transcript

Sita puts two shoes in each of these boxes. How many shoes are there altogether?

The picture shows us some shoe boxes. Let’s start by counting how many there are. There are seven shoe boxes. We’re told that Sita puts two shoes in each of the boxes. She puts two shoes in seven boxes. She’s made seven groups of two. And so we need to work out the multiplication seven times two to find the answer.

This is the sort of times table fact that we might know already. It’s also a doubling fact. Seven times two is the same as two lots of seven. Even though we might know the answer already, let’s count in twos to check. We’re going to count in twos for each of the seven boxes: two, four, six — these are all even numbers, aren’t they? — eight, 10, 12, 14. Seven groups of two equals 14. Seven times two equals 14.

We know that if Sita had put one shoe in each of the boxes, there would be seven shoes altogether. But if she put two shoes in the boxes, there’s another lot of seven. And two sevens are equal to 14. If Sita puts two shoes in each of the boxes, there’ll be 14 shoes altogether.

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