Video: Properties of Rectangles

Is the following quadrilateral a rectangle?


Video Transcript

Is the following quadrilateral a rectangle?

So what is a rectangle? A rectangle is a four-sided flat shape where every angle measures 90 degrees, where every angle is a right angle. The first requirement is that it was a four-sided, flat shape.

Is this image four-sided, flat shape? Yes, it is. The next question is, is every angle 90 degrees in this shape?

First of all, this shape does not have its angles labelled as 90 degrees. You can also visually see that the angles on the top and bottom are larger than the angles on the left and the right.

If all angles were 90 degrees, there would be no difference in the size. Because we can’t verify that all four angles measure 90 degrees, we cannot label this quadrilateral as a rectangle.

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