Video: KS1-M17 • Paper 1 • Question 25

91 − 48 = _.


Video Transcript

91 take away 48 equals what?

The number 48 is very close to 50. We can round 48 to 50 by adding two. Now, we have a much easier calculation: 91 take away 50. 50 is the same as five 10s. So we just need to take away five 10s from the nine 10s in 91. Nine take away five is four. So nine 10s or 90 take away five 10s or 50 leaves us with four 10s which makes 40.

91 has one in the ones place. And 50 has no ones. So one take away zero leaves us with one. 91 take away 50 equals 41. The question asked us to take away 48, not 50. We’ve taken away two too many. So we need to add those two back on. 41 add two is 43.

91 take away 48 equals 43.

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