Video: Converting Area from Square Meters to Square Kilometers

25,000,000 m² = _ km².


Video Transcript

25000000 square metres equals what square kilometres.

Let’s start this by recalling that one kilometre is equal to 1000 metres. This means that if we wanted to change from kilometres into metres, we would multiply by 1000. And if we wanted to change from metres to kilometres, we would divide by 1000. So if we wanted to convert the area units of square kilometres to square metres, we can use the technique that we square the length conversion. This would mean that we multiply by 1000 squared. And if we wanted to go backwards from square metres to square kilometres, we would divide by 1000 squared. And since 1000 squared is equal to 1000000, that means, to convert backwards or forwards, we would multiply by 1000000 or divide by 1000000. We can also say that one square kilometre is equal to one million square metres.

So to answer our question, we have 25000000 square metres. And we want to change it into square kilometres, which means we must divide by 1000 squared or divide by 1000000. And since 25000000 divided by 1000000 is 25, this means that our missing answer for our square kilometres is 25.

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